Democracy and Capitalism; the dilemma

Many of us would realise or agree about the extreme suffering constituted by acts such as torture or from painful illness etc. However, do we understand the pain caused by insidious sufferings, such as poverty or having to live under inhumane conditions, or having to spend all the earnings to live a barely civilized life?

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Understanding the niqabi Other

On 30 January 2017 a female teacher, Thah’meena Mahmoodh, from AA. Rasdhoo was dismissed from the school for wearing the niqab (face veil). This was amid a sensational case where another female teacher, Aishath Suzee, from AA. Mathiveri was dismissed from her teaching responsibilities for wearing the niqab. This decision was directly from the Ministry of Education citing the Civil Service Regulation, Article 145a which stipulates that the the choice of dress code of a civil servant should be in a manner that the person is identifiable. Continue reading Understanding the niqabi Other